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Pigeon Printing

Branding |  Website Design | Marketing

Pigeon Printing is an online printing service aimed at creative business owners. For this project, we created the brand from scratch, including a mascot and a design system for future materials. We built a website and created social media content and other collateral designs. We also created a marketing strategy that included social media and video content marketing produced entirely in-house. 

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responsive web design

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Mascot design

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Flying Pigeon (2).png

To give the brand a personable voice, we created Pigeon. This friendly bird is as much a part of the logo as he is the brand's ambassador in social media. 

To serve this purpose we created several iterations of the character to use in different situations.

marketing strategy design


We made a detailed analysis of the brand's goals to create an effective marketing plan.

This helped establish a brand voice, a design guide for marketing materials, and a thorough strategy of content creation to establish a presence in all the chosen media channels.

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Social Media content

pigeon academy video content

As part of our content marketing strategy we produced a video series with content that our intended audience would find valuable.

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Pdf catalog/price list


We created a PDF document with detailed pricing to send via email to interested clients. 

We had to include the complete pricing information and product details while keeping the document design clean and on brand.

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